How Hyva Themes Can Supercharge Your Magento Store?

Magento 2 provides numerous benefits, including flexibility for customization and multi-store functionalities for online stores.Unfortunately, Magento’s front end is not a strong aspect of the platform. The interface elements are very advanced and require a lot of additional work during development.

Even expert programmers need thorough instruction to make small modifications such as Magento 2 Extensions workThe Magento Luma theme also has a significant amount of JavaScript code, which can slow down loading and is challenging to optimize.Overall, there are three main disadvantages to utilizing the default theme of Magento 2.

  • It is incredibly sluggish
  • There are numerous inactive codes.
  • Customizing something requires time.

This is the reason Hyvä was introduced.

What is the Hyva Theme?

Hyvä is a unique Magento 2 theme.By eliminating heavy libraries such as RequireJS, KnockoutJS, and jQuery from the typical Adobe Magento template framework and opting for the more efficient AlpineJS and TailwindCSS, Hyva theme extensions are now one of the quickest Magento templates available.

Let’s simplify this! Hyvä is a Magento 2 theme that removes unnecessary elements in the code and modifies certain libraries for improved efficiency during development.

What are the features of the Hyva Theme?

Hyvä Themes offers a variety of features and functionalities to enhance your Magento store. 

  • Hyvä utilizes a headless architecture to separate the front end and back end of your store. This design enhances performance, flexibility, and scalability.
  • Magento 2 Extensions with Hyva compatibilty are constructed on React, a popular JavaScript library used for developing user interfaces. The use of React allows for fast and dynamic rendering of your store’s frontend, resulting in a smooth and interactive shopping experience.
  • Hyvä Themes incorporates support for GraphQL, a modern API technology that allows for efficient data retrieval and manipulation. Through the use of GraphQL, you have the ability to improve performance and minimize data transfers by specifically choosing the data you require from your Magento backend.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) bring together the strongest features of websites and mobile apps. Hyvä Themes helps in developing PWAs, allowing your store to offer users a seamless and app-like experience on different devices.
  • Hyva theme extensions ensures that your store appears and functions correctly across various screen sizes and devices. This responsiveness helps enhance the user experience and assists in boosting conversions.
  • With Hyvä Themes, you can have a high level of control over how your store looks and feels. You can easily modify the look of your business by adjusting the appearance, colors, typography, and other visual components to align with your brand identity and create a distinctive appearance.
  • Hyvä Themes’ server-side rendering, lazy loading, and code splitting contribute to enhancing efficiency. These enhancements lead to quicker page loading, better server response times, and improved overall performance.
  • Hyvä Themes is designed to easily blend and function alongside other Magento 2 extensions seamlessly. Due to this compatibility, you can utilize a wide range of Magento extensions to enhance your store’s functionality and align with your unique enterprise needs.
  • Hyvä Themes creates SEO-friendly HTML markup that is semantically accurate and clean. Optimizing your markup can enhance your store’s visibility on search engines and greatly enhance organic traffic to your site.
  • Hyvä Themes offers an environment that is friendly to developers, providing them with necessary advanced tools and techniques for development. It provides a modular framework, allowing developers to easily tweak and expand the theme. 
  • Furthermore, Hyva theme compatible extensions offers comprehensive documentation and an active community, which facilitates easier collaboration and support for developers.

Benefits of Hyva for Magento Development

It possesses numerous advantages that can make it an ideal choice for creating an e-commerce site.

Enhanced speed and upgraded effectiveness.

The crucial factors for every e-commerce website owner are the speed at which the page loads and its overall performance. In particular, a 100-millisecond delay in loading time can translate into a 7% increase in bounce rate.The main purpose of the Hyva theme is to significantly boost your online store by decreasing the amount of code sent to users, leading to increased speed and performance.

Decreased level of intricacy

The Hyvӓ theme was developed to streamline the entire process, as noted earlier. Instead of loading over 200 JS/CSS resources totaling 1.5 megabytes, Hyva only loads 2 resources amounting to 0.2 megabytes.Since there is no requirement for working with RequireJS, Knockout, and UIComponents, the task of a Hyva themes developer becomes much simpler.

Several options to customize

Hyva Themes enables users to incorporate any required block into their website, creating a distinctive web store design that is in line with the brand’s vision.Furthermore, it supports over 400 different extensions, allowing for easy addition of desired functions.

Exceptional technical assistance

Our Magento developers were impressed by the support offered by Hyva. Essentially, by using Hyva with Magento 2, you become a part of the quickly expanding developer community.

You will be able to access all the official paperwork, join the official Slack chat and GitHub page, and stay updated with immediate release of any updates. You have the ability to monitor all the ongoing tasks of the Hyva developers team and can ask for assistance as needed.

Access for beginners

For a developer with prior experience in Magento, it may take a few days to familiarize themselves with working on Hyvä Themes. 

Learning how Alpine.js works, grasping the theme’s structure, and practicing assembling it can be achieved in this timeframe. It is also advised to educate yourself on Tailwind CSS as this framework generates styles within the Hyva theme compatible extensions.

Finishing up

In conclusion, Hyvä themes offer a great opportunity for Magento stores to increase their worth and improve the shopping experience. These themes provide all the necessary components to create an excellent online store, including a user-friendly layout, powerful functionalities, and extensive assistance. 

Moreover, with the advantages of scalability and mobile friendliness, there are no limitations on how Hyva theme extensions can be utilized on your Magento Store. By offering Hyvä theme development services, you can assist companies in enhancing the efficiency and adaptability of their Magento stores.

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