How To Solve Problems Encountered In Production Of UV Printers?

UV printers are commonly known as “universal” printers in industrial products. But even the most powerful machine can strike. So how to solve the problems encountered in the production of UV printers? What are the common faults? This article will summarize the daily feedback used by customers, and will correspond the faults and corresponding solutions one by one. For details, please refer to the following:

1.UV printer ink problem

1. UV Printer Printing Ink

Phenomenon: The individual nozzle does not produce ink during the printing process.

Problem: First of all, the nozzle is blocked, and then the nozzle working voltage may be set improperly, or the ink sac is blocked, the ink brand is replaced, and the negative pressure is adjusted improperly.

Method: Clean the nozzle first. If the pure water is tested after cleaning and there is no blockage, it is necessary to replace the ink sac or adjust the working voltage of the nozzle, or replace the high-quality ink and adjust the appropriate negative pressure value.

(2) The ink in the fixed place of UV printer is not normal

Symptom: Inking is abnormal at a fixed position.

Problem: picture processing problems, raster strip problems, small car plate failure.

Check: Change the design screen, change the spray position, test the spray effect of different pictures in different positions, if the other pictures are normal, it proves that there is a problem with the processing of the secondary picture; Check the raster bar if there is a problem with all the ink in the picture, and check the car plate if the ink jet is still abnormal in a certain position.

Method: Reload the screen for RIP processing, clean or change the raster bar, change the small car plate.

(3) Dropping ink or breaking ink in the UV printing process

Phenomenon: A certain nozzle drips ink during the printing process.

Reason: The problem of dripping ink may be too low negative pressure or there is a leakage phenomenon in the ink path. Broken ink may be the same problem that the nozzle has not been cleaned for a long time as well as facing dripping ink.

Methods: Drop ink to check the negative pressure and ink path; Clean the nozzle and check the negative pressure and ink path.

2. UV printer car problem

(1) UV printer boot car reset does not rebound

Phenomenon: After the reset button is clicked, the car only leans to the right, without reset, and there is no flash spray, and other operations cannot be carried out.

Causes: switch failure, small car board failure SCSI line failure, PCI card failure, servo board failure;

Method: Replace the switch, board /SCSI cable /PCI card/servo board.

(2) UV printer car running uneven

Phenomenon: some parts of the ejected picture are clear and some are fuzzy, and the accuracy of inkjet positioning in each section is different;

Reason: the rail girder is not adjusted to the horizontal state;

Method: Readjust the beam.

(3) UV printer car running jitter, spray dislocation

Problem: raster strip damage, belt breakage, drag chain stuck to debris;

Methods: Clean or change the grating strip, replace the 465 belt, clean the trailer chain card slot.


(4) UV printer crash

Phenomenon: Boot car hit the right end;

Cause: positioning fault, grating head fault, small car plate fault;

Methods: Check/replace the switch, replace the grating head, and replace the small car plate.

(5) UV flatbed printer boot small car plate light is not bright, can not be reset

Problem: loose wiring, small car board failure, servo board failure, data line failure;

Methods: Reinsert the data line, replace the small car board/servo board/data line.

3. UV printer print pattern problem

(1) Poor print pattern effect

Phenomenon: blurred picture, color coverage is not double;

Problem: improper car height, nozzle and material distance is too large resulting in inexact inkjet drop point, strong airflow affects the accuracy of inkjet drop point, material ink absorption ability is poor, nozzle is not calibrated;

Methods: Reduce the height of the car, fan or air conditioning can not blow directly against the working area, avoid strong airflow in the workplace, change the consumables, recalibrate the nozzle.

(2) UV printer garbled code

Phenomenon: The picture appears irregular spray;

Causes: inkjet data transmission processing error, small car board failure, data line loose or fault, optical fiber failure, PCI card failure, screen processing problems;

Methods: The sprinkler heads can be arranged to test the individual sprinkler heads one by one, troubleshoot the sprinkler heads, replace the data line (the sprinkler data line or the data line of the small car board), replace the small car board/optical fiber /PCI card, and reload the screen for processing.

(3) Print pictures with horizontal stripes

Reason 1: the state of the nozzle is not good;

Method: If the nozzle is blocked or sprayed diagonally, the nozzle can be cleaned.

Cause two: The step value is not adjusted.

Method: In the printing software setting, the machine is set to open the maintenance flag and correct the step.


(4) Large print color deviation

Cause 1: The picture format is wrong;

Method: Set the image mode to CMYK mode, and change the image format to TIFF;

Reason 2: the nozzle is blocked;

Method: Print the test strip and clean the nozzle if it is blocked;

Cause three: The software Settings are incorrect.

Method: Reset the software parameters according to the standard.

(5) The edge of the picture is blurred and flying ink

Reason 1: the picture pixel is low;

Method: Picture DPI300 or above, especially printing 4PT small font, need to increase the DPI to 1200;

Reason 2: The distance between the nozzle and the print is too far;

Methods: Make the print close to the print nozzle, keep about 2 mm spacing;

Reason 3: The material or machine has static electricity;

Method: The machine shell is connected with the ground wire and the material surface is rubbed with alcohol to eliminate the static electricity of the material. Use an electrostatic processor to eliminate surface static electricity. Or in the early stage of the purchase of the machine, ask the salesman in time, whether the machine has a function of removing static electricity.

(6) Print pictures with tiny ink spots

Reason 1: ink precipitation or broken ink;

Methods: Check the state of the nozzle, check whether the ink flow is deteriorated, check whether the ink path is leaking;

Reason 2: The material or machine has static electricity;

Solution: Machine shell grounding wire, material surface wipe alcohol to eliminate static electricity.

(7) Horizontal printing has a double shadow

Reason 1: the grating strip is dirty;

Methods: Clean the grating strip;

Reason 2: The raster is damaged;

Methods: Replace the grating with a new one;

Cause three: The square-ended optical fiber is in poor contact or faulty.

Method: Replace the square optical fiber cable.

4. The printing process is too noisy

The negative pressure air pump of UV printer is loud

Problem: air pump loose, filter blocked, air pump failure;

Method: Tighten the air pump and replace the filter/air pump.

The above problems and solutions can generally solve the problems encountered in the UV printer process, if you also encounter other problems in the printing process, you can contact industry experts SUBLISTAR. They will give a more detailed answer.

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