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The range of divorce as a phenomenon indicates that it affects the lives of individuals and is a delicate and often difficult process. Thus, it can be seen that navigating legal procedures for divorce in Turkey requires professional competence and sensitivity. 

Our Turkish lawyer understand the legal situation well, know how to provide assistance in divorce, and are true supporters of all clients in asserting their rights in court. 

Divorce procedures in Turkey 

The regulation of divorce in Turkey is made under the Turkish Civil Code; thus, to follow the general procedure or get a favourable result then, it is crucial to have a workable knowledge of the process. It can be overwhelming or challenging if one needs to understand the procedures, so hiring a family lawyer is essential. Below is an overview of the divorce procedures in Turkey:

Filing the Petition: 

Like in many countries, to begin the process of divorce in Turkey, the initiating party is required to submit a petition to the family court. This bond has been enlarged to provide the legal grounds for divorce and ask for an annulment of the union. 


Before the two can approach the court, Turkish law requires that they attend mediation sessions as the couples seek a divorce. In mediation, both parties are involved, with the help of a third person, in finding a solution for the problems regarding child custody, maintenance, and other properties. 

Turkish family lawyers in our law firm can attend these sessions and take steps to guarantee each member’s unique rights. 

Court Proceedings: 

In cases where mediation is not productive in providing a resolution, a divorce case is taken to the family court. Hearings take place where both sides try to make their case, and the judge or jury has to consider the facts and come to a verdict. 

Property Division: 

In Turkey, equal division of marital property is the rule, but one can negotiate for other arrangements depending on a prenuptial agreement. 

Speaking of the procedure described above, our Turkish family lawyers will guide you through it to protect your financial situation. 

Child Custody and Support 

Child custody and support must be decided when parents opt for a divorce. Our professional family lawyers in Turkey pay particular attention to the best interests of your children and seek proper access and custody as well as reasonable and proper support. 

Since there is no separate code of procedure governing family cases as of the date this paper was written, it will examine the role of Turkish Family lawyers using the existing laws and regulations. 

Obtaining the guidance and representation of a reputable family lawyer during divorce proceedings offers numerous advantages:

Legal Expertise: 

Our divorce specialist Turkish family lawyers are fully aware of all types of scenarios provided in Turkish family law and will help you follow all the legal procedures step by step. 

Objective Advice: 

During divorce, it is not easy to make a rational decision since emotions can and often do overrule decision-making. 

Family lawyers are independent and offer advice that will help the family make wise decisions in the long run.

Negotiation and Settlement: 

Negotiations help determine solutions favourable to a divorced couple. Turkish family lawyers are versed in negotiating amicable resolutions concerning issues such as property division and child support. 

Court Representation:

In case of litigation, our skilled Turkish family lawyers will defend your rights and present your case persuasively to the judge. 

Laws regarding family in Turkey

Turkish divorce laws might be somewhat shaky, and the process is generally not easy, emotionally or legally. One cannot underestimate the importance of hiring the services of a competent family lawyer to help out in this often complicated process. Turkish Family lawyers at Kurucuk are willing to help clients with divorce issues in Turkey by providing proper advice and consultations. 

Whether you need help with mediation or to be assisted in going to court, we are here to protect your rights and guarantee a smooth go-through of your divorce process. 

Call now, and let’s discuss how to start a new chapter in your life with a consultation.

Services provided by Our Turkish Family Lawyers 

  • Uncontested divorce case 
  • Contested divorce case 
  • Dispute on the property regulation 
  • Alimony and compensation cases 
  • Recognition and enforcement proceedings 
  • Custody cases 
  • Alimony adaptation case 
  • Receivables of alimony and compensation of a spouse 

One of the measures that the authorities use to protect the wife and children is to have the violent spouse leave the house. 

Reach our Turkish Family Lawyers 

The Lawyer in Istanbul at Kurucuk Law firm are more than willing to assist you in getting the best results in divorce, child support, maintenance, or financial share cases. 

Suppose you need legal help regarding child support, custody or, recognition of the foreign divorce decision, or any other family law problem. In that case, we are always here for you – a team of the most experienced Turkish family lawyers for help.

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