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While virtual meeting bloopers are an endless source of comedy, you don’t want them occurring during an important sales presentation or a team meeting. From messy home offices to humorous filters stuck on at the wrong times, these goof-ups can detract from your message. A custom virtual office background can help prevent these problems while helping you put your best face forward — plus you and your whole team can reap these benefits.

Advantages of Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds work thanks to portrait segmentation, a technology that isolates your face and body in your outgoing video feed. An AI neural network segments these portions of the image, allowing the rest to be masked by an image of your choosing. 

Through this useful technology, virtual backdrops cover up your real-world surroundings: paper piles, dog toys, sippy cups, or even the sparkling white sand of the beach behind you. Modern office background images also make you and your teammates appear professional and polished. With logo customization, you can put your brand front and center for clients and other attendees to see. 

Dynamic Pricing

You can enjoy the advantages of custom office backgrounds for a small investment. Services such as Virtual Office allow you to personalize one image with your organization’s logo for free. Personalization requires just a few easy steps: selecting your background, uploading your logo image, and then downloading the completed backdrop. 

For small and large teams alike, convenient packages provide those same benefits for a low price. VO’s Essentials pack contains 10 modern office scenes — lounges, conference rooms, and shared workspaces — for just $99. VO also has a 25-image pack for $249, which includes the same background types along with private offices. 

Multiple Users

Multi-image background packages provide several options from which your team members can choose. Each one can select their preferred office background for Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom — and a multi-pack allows everyone to refresh their backdrop with a new one as often as they like. 

Your entire team enjoys the same benefits from logo-branded backgrounds. Your organization’s logo displayed behind them in the background is a subtle visual reminder of your brand. As each teammate promises and delivers the value your customers seek, this creates a positive association with your brand. 

During team meetings, the presence of your brand’s logo helps create an environment that fosters focus and unity. In large video conferences with attendees from multiple organizations, that logo also ensures that you and your teammates stand out from the pack. This contributes to brand-building efforts by boosting its recognition in your industry. 

Making the Right Impression

Virtual background usage is growing as remote work remains an integral part of doing business. Office backgrounds with custom logo branding create a positive impression, helping everyone on your team appear more professional. Thanks to easy personalization from services like Virtual Office, you can get multiple branded backdrops in less than five minutes. These high-resolution images work seamlessly on all platforms, providing a natural look no matter which backdrop you choose. 

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