Customizing and Utilizing Night Shift on Your Mac

That familiar blue screen glow may seem like a portal to another world, but it’s no friend to your eyes or sleep. Meet Night Shift: macOS’s solution to screen-induced sleep woes. Let’s explore this guide to Night Shift, why it’s essential, and how you can tailor it to your life seamlessly.

What is Mac Night Shift?

Night Shift in macOS automatically changes your screen’s colors to warmer tones at night. This will reduce that blue light exposure that may disrupt your sleep patterns. To put it in brief terms, Mac night mode cuts down on blue light emission, so its purpose is to improve your sleep quality and ease eye strain. Your Mac dark mode can act as a digital sunset, if you will, preparing you for a restful night. In fact, studies have shown that cutting down on blue light before bed can work wonders for both your sleep quality and duration. Adding Mac at night changes to your routine can turn night owls into snooze champions. 

What Does Night Shift Do? Does Night Shift Reduce Blue Light?

Night Shift transforms the blue light on your screen into a warm, soothing glow. This change isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s scientifically proven to reduce eye strain and enhance your sleep quality. With a gentle sepia tone, your screen becomes easier on the eyes, potentially paving the way for a quicker drift into dreamland. To discover how to Turn on Night Shift on Mac and bid those glaring lights goodbye, read on.

How to Turn on Night Mode Mac

Turning on Night Shift on your Mac is simple. Open System Preferences and click on “Displays.” Then, select the “Night Shift” tab. You can enable it manually or set it to adjust automatically from sunset to sunrise. It’s like following a map to happier eyes!

  • Open System Preferences.
  • Click on “Displays.”
  • Select the “Night Shift” tab.
  • Enable it manually or set it to adjust automatically from sunset to sunrise.

How to Set Your Own Night Shift Mac Schedule

Night Shift isn’t one-size-fits-all! Customize it to fit your schedule. If you’re a night owl or early bird, choose the “Custom” schedule. Work nights and need adjustments during the day? No problem. Set it to start and stop whenever you want. 

How to Control Night Shift Manually

Sometimes, you need to adjust Night mode on Mac yourself. Just go to the Notification Center and toggle it on or off. This is useful if you’re working late and want to ease eye strain. Think of it as a quick way to dim your digital screen for immediate eye relief.

The Easiest Method of All — Ask Siri

Why click when you can ask Siri? Just say, “Hey Siri, turn on Night Shift,” and it’s done. Siri can also set the schedule if you’re busy. This hands-free option lets you keep your hands on your coffee or keyboard.

Night Shift Stuck? Here’s How to Fix It

Sometimes, Night Shift gets stuck on or off. So, to turn off night mode on Mac, first check your settings to make sure they’re correct. If that doesn’t help, try restarting your Mac. If it’s still not working, reset the NVRAM. This often fixes the issue and gets things running smoothly again.

Limitations of Night Shift

Night Shift is helpful, but it’s not a complete solution. If you’re very sensitive to blue light, you might need more. Third-party apps like f.lux or physical blue light filters can give extra protection. Think of it like adding extra SPF for your eyes. It’s honestly worth it!

Extra Tips for Mac Users

Since we’re on the Mac topic, here are a few more tips and tricks that you could implement to make your life easier when using Mac.

  • Master your keyboard shortcuts. They can save you a considerable amount of time and effort. For instance, Command + Space opens Spotlight Search, allowing you to quickly find files, apps, and even perform calculations. Similarly, Command + Tab lets you switch between open applications seamlessly. 
  • Utilize Spotlight Search. Want to know the weather in Timbuktu or convert yen to euros? Spotlight does it all (with flair).
  • Keep your desktop Zen-like. Just right-click (or Control-click if you’re fancy) on your desktop and choose “Use Stacks.” It’ll make you look super organized during those surprise Zoom meetings.
  • Use Siri for more than just jokes. You can activate Siri with a quick “Hey Siri” or by holding Command + Spacebar, then ask it to send a message, set a reminder, or even search the web.


Night Shift helps reduce eye strain and improve sleep. Customize it to match your routine for a better screen time experience. Try it out and adjust the settings to see what works best for you. Your eyes and sleep will thank you.

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