The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your YouTube Views: Proven Techniques for More Exposure

YouTube is among the most popular video-sharing social networking sites in the world and over 14 billion people visit here monthly. To increase your brand’s message and get the rising popularity on YouTube, it is essential to get more views on your YouTube channel and videos. Here, we have created a complete guide to boost your YouTube views organically from scratch.

  1. Improve the search ranking of your video

Using YouTube SEO is one of the great strategies to get more views on YouTube. It refers to the process of optimizing your videos for search engines and YouTube. When optimized correctly with selected keywords, your video can rank near the top position of the results list on YouTube. Determine what your target audience wants to discover i.e. inspirational content, entertainment, or tutorials. Top ranking helps attract new viewers and engage existing audiences in your channel.

Using a Google Keyword Planner will help you discover inspiration for your next content based on what your viewers are already searching for on the platform. It will also help you in finding and adding relevant and trending keywords in your video title, description, tags, and subtitles. Be sure to understand how YouTube’s algorithm works before optimizing your videos.

  1. Create a catchy title

Your video title offers a great chance to impress the potential viewer and YouTube algorithm. This is the section where you keep all those pertinent keywords for good use. According to YouTube Creator Academy, a perfectly created title can be the major difference between users watching and sharing your content or scrolling right past your video. 

A well-written title consists of 60-70 characters and represents your video. It holds the power to create curiosity among users to watch your video. A great video title often includes parentheses, brackets, or numbers. Here, the number may include the present year, the number of tips, or the number of steps.  

  1. Your video description matters a lot

Just like your video title, the description also matters a lot as it lets viewers know what your content is all about. It is essential to understand where to add keywords in your description. YouTube Creator Academy states that the first few sentences of the description must be given more importance as the algorithm weighs this section more heavily. So, create a detailed and keyword-packed introduction, ensuring it intrigues real humans. Try to add 125-175 words and remind your audience what your channel is about. Also, link it to your other social accounts and website.

  1. Create playlists

Creating an organized video playlist can help prevent your viewers from scrolling further and visiting other channels once they have watched your YouTube videos. The YouTube video playlist allows the next video to start playing as soon as the previous video ends. Put on your organic SEO hat when you are creating your playlist titles.

  1. Tags

Besides your video title and description, tags also allow YouTube to know what your video is about. Thus, adding tags can be a great way to boost your views on YouTube videos. Initially, you can use keywords and key phrases, however, after that, you can add changes to your keyword. These are the alternative terms that mean the same thing that users are looking for on the platform. Try to tag the way you have never tagged ever before. Add wider categories in your tag. 

  1. Upload your videos at an optimal time

Posting your videos at a time when your target audience is online can help you gain more YouTube views quickly and naturally. It will allow your viewers to receive your content right the moment it goes live. You can use reliable scheduling tools to schedule your posts. These tools will ensure that your videos will be uploaded at the right predetermined time that best aligns with your content calendar.

  1. Use end screens and cards

Just like playlists, end screens, and cards are two crucial tools that creators can leverage to bypass YouTube’s algorithm and directly impact the next choice of the audience. End screens are visual CTA (call-to-action) that can be embedded at the end of a video, mainly in the last 5-20 seconds to persuade viewers toward the next step. You can use end screens to persuade viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Cards are interactive and clickable sections that you can see anytime while watching the video. They are available in different formats to be used for various things. Since these cards are pop-ups, you must emphasize that they don’t seem spam to viewers. The playlists or videos you link to must be relevant to the situation and give entertainment or useful information to viewers.

  1. Go for video transcription

A lot of YouTubers or creators are transcribing their YouTube videos to expand the reach of their videos to worldwide people including those having hearing problems. Transcription or adding captions to your videos makes the content appealing and accessible to 85% of videos watched with the sound turned off. Since transcription translates as an option, it can let your video reach international audiences by eliminating the language barriers. On the help page of YouTube, you can get a step-by-step guide on preparing your transcript file.

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  1. Ask potential viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel

When you have more subscribers on your channel, you are likely to gain more views as they will be notified when you post your video on the platform. You are more likely to drive views when your subscribers have turned on their notifications.

The improved subscriber count can bring boosted organic reach to your channel. So, ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and keep receiving engaging videos from your channel. You can also ask your current subscribers to invite their friends to subscribe to your channel and watch your videos. Alternatively, you can use the built-in clickable subscription tool of YouTube in your videos to convert viewers into subscribers. 

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