Bali’s Traditional Healing Practices: Balancing Body and Soul

Bali is one of the provinces of Indonesia and is one of the major tourist attractions in the country. Bali is the only province in Indonesia which had a Hindu majority of 86%. Bail Trip is famous for its cultural richness, friendlier people, colossal temples, heavenly landscapes, and magnificent beaches.

While Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches and magnificent landscapes we should not forget that it is also known for its spiritual healing practice which helps you in balancing body and soul. It is also famous for its ancient temples which are known to date back more than 1000 years ago. Some of the temples include Uluwatu Temple,  Lempuyang Temple, Pura Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Pura Tirta Empul etc. 

Bali’s traditional healing practices include yoga, massage, medication, palm reading, acupuncture etc. These healing practices not only heal your body but also help you attain spiritual bliss. 

Balanien Healer And Their Mistical Gift

Not just its extravagance beaches and tropical climate, Indonesia is also known for Bali’s traditional healing practices. The healers who perform the practices are known as Balians. These Balians not only treat any physical ailments but also help you in attaining spiritual bliss and help balance body and soul. 

In Bali’s traditional healing practices, Balians are of two major types the ones who have learned the art by studying Scriptures known as ‘Lonter’ which is a palm leaf manuscript and others who became Balians when they received ‘Wahyu’ also known as divine inspiration and healing from the heart.

The Balian healers can deal with physical ailments as well as spiritual well-being, be it heart disease, physical injuries, spell removal, foretelling the future, etc you will find them everywhere in Bali. Some of the Balian are also visited by conventional doctors who hold MD, or MBBS degrees for advice. 

The Balian lives in two worlds: the seen or conscious world also known as Sekala and the unseen or psychic world known as Niskala. Balian helps the patient restore harmony in both worlds by balancing body and soul. The problem might lie with the ancestors, who can cause mischief or even real harm if not treated regularly to their favourite treats and offerings. The Balian may go into a trance state to discover the root cause of the problem and either give the patient plant medicine, a massage or a list of offerings to be made.

Different Kinds Of Balian

  1. Balian Usada 

Usadas have a deeper understanding of medicines and herbs. They are the ones who have studied ‘Lontar’ and have a large collection of it. They are known to treat fractures or injury with natural medicines extracted from plants and herbs. 

  1. Balian Paica

Unlike Usada, Paisa uses their family relic to cure their patient. The relic is passed from generation to generation.

  1. Balian Manak

In Bali, Manak means ‘To Give Birth’. The Manak is more significant in the remote regions where hospitals are not available. These Balians are taught by the Government itself. They are hygienic and well-trained.

  1. Balian Tenung

Tenung is known for foretelling the future, interpreting the past, and making predictions. It is a common practice performed by Tenung.

  1. Balian Taksu

People who want to meet their recent descendants should go to Taksu. Tasku goes into the trance and opens the gates for the descendant spirit. You can hold a conversation with the descendant while Taksu is still in the trance. 

  1. Balian Apun, Balian Urat

The healer who can heal all the internal organs problems by removing lumps and other obstructs. This will help blood and other essential fluids to frow in your blood vessels.

  1. Balian Tulang

Tulang is a Bone setter. Baliens prefer going to Tulang for any fractures in bones rather than opting for any surgery. This treatment is cheaper than the conventional medical treatment. But it is very effective and there is a list of people who have been treated miraculously from this treatment.

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Things To Note Before Visiting Bali’s Traditional Healing Practices

You must note some things before visiting the Balian.  There are no such rules to follow in Bali’s traditional healing practices, but you should keep certain things in mind 

  1. The experience might be very public, even the patients waiting can see you being treated. 
  2. Do not book an appointment hastily. Do not book an appointment when you are leaving for the airport. The treatment might take time. 
  3. The Balian may create fire, use mudras, draw patterns on your body, spit wads of chewed herbs on your skin, apply scented oils, poke you with sharp sticks, and/or give you a deep tissue massage it might be a very painful experience. 
  4. Balians focus on treating patients, but when you go to any Balian, with offering you have to keep a certain amount of money in the offering. 
  5. Going with a translator is needed when you are visiting Balian as Balians might not be speaking English. 

Women should not be menstruating.

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