8 Must-See Landmarks for an Unforgettable Canberra Vacation

Being Australia’s capital city, it’s no surprise that Canberra is packed with captivating landmarks. We’re talking about areas and buildings that tell the story of an entire nation. Are you planning a trip any time soon? Listen up.

Here are just eight of the numerous must-see landmarks that will make your vacation in Canberra truly unforgettable. We’ll also touch on why Meriton Suites Canberra is a great place to stay when you’re in the city.

1. Parliament House

No list of must-see Canberra landmarks is complete without the heart of the country’s democracy. The Parliament House is a modern masterpiece that houses Australia’s federal parliament. You can take free guided tours and explore the building’s architecture while filling your mind with the workings of Australian democracy.

2. Australian War Memorial

It’s all about remembering fallen heroes at the Australian War Memorial. It’s an inspiring building that features a large pool of reflection, an eternal flame and a Roll of Honour listing over 100,000 Australian heroes. Wait for The Last Post Ceremony, which is a moving tribute held everyday at sunset. 

3. National Gallery of Australia

If you’re into art museums, you can’t go wrong with the National Gallery of Australia. It houses an extensive collection of local and international art pieces. You’ll explore everything from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and European masterpieces to contemporary artworks. 

4. Questacon

Science comes alive at Questacon, a fun and interactive science museum perfect for all ages. With exciting exhibits, hands-on activities and live demonstrations, we guarantee that it will rouse the curiosity of every member of the family. Learning about science has never been this exciting!

5. Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin is no ordinary man-made lake because it’s a central feature of Canberra. You can take a scenic cruise with your friends, rent a kayak or paddleboard or simply enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the scenic shoreline.

6. National Capital Exhibition

Nothing tells the story of Canberra more accurately than the National Capital Exhibition. Give it a visit and see fascinating displays, historical artefacts and engaging multimedia presentations. You’ll get a glimpse of the capital city’s past, present and even the future!

7. High Commission Precinct

What can you find at Canberra’s diplomatic precinct? Well, it’s home to embassies and high commissions from around the world. You can’t help but admire its impressive architecture and explore the diverse gardens and cultural events hosted by the embassies.

8. Cockington Green Gardens

Without question, one of the most fascinating places in Canberra is the Cockington Green Gardens. Local and international tourists can’t help but be captivated by the miniature versions of iconic Australian buildings and landmarks.

Planning Your Canberra Vacation

Ready to get started with planning? Consider staying in a luxury serviced apartment, such as Meriton Suites, as it allows you to get the space and flexibility of an apartment but with hotel-like amenities. Add to that the fact that Meriton Suites is near the landmarks we discussed above.

Being compact in size, and with reliable public transport available, Canberra makes it easy for tourists to visit landmarks in a short time. There’s just so much to see and do; you’ll probably need a few days or even a week to truly soak in the city’s unique charm. Plan your Canberra vacation today!

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