American Express Cards: Exclusive Offer for High-Net-Worth

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) receive preferential treatment from banks due to their significant reputational benefits, leading to tailored cooperation terms and bonuses appealing to a broader audience. Obtaining an exclusive Centurion American Express card, also known as a Black card, through opening a personal Swiss account is highly exclusive, requiring a special invitation from American Express. The undisclosed requirements set by the issuer, ranked 63rd in the Forbes Global 2000 rating in 2023, demand financial stability and attractiveness to the company, leading to occasional rejections. While the Centurion American Express card offers numerous benefits, securing an invitation is rare, and alternative AmEx cards offer fewer perks. Some Swiss banks offer a legitimate path to obtaining a Black card, providing expedited issuance, no need for a special invitation, and relaxed credit and income requirements. Partnering with our experts ensures a streamlined process and effective document preparation for potential customers.

Notable Advantages

Holding an AmEx Centurion card offers various practical benefits often overlooked by those clients who are outside the HNWI category. However, for discerning customers, the elite services provided by such high-class cards are immensely valuable. Examples include participating in auctions, purchasing luxury items, or engaging in economic citizenship programs, all requiring substantial transactions that cash or conventional cards may not facilitate smoothly.

Transactions exceeding payment limits pose challenges for both buyers and sellers, with ordinary cards imposing restrictions that hinder large-scale purchases. In contrast, AmEx Centurion cardholders benefit from legal ways to bypass such limits, ensuring seamless transactions for high-value purchases. Unofficial statistics from major auctions indicate a preference for bank cards, particularly the American Express Centurion (Black) card, or similar high-tier options.

AmEx Centurion Potential 

Cards of this type can be beneficial to their holders for various reasons:

  1. When engaging in auctions, purchasing luxury vehicles or yachts, adding to one’s art collection, or participating in economic citizenship programs that involve substantial transactions that cannot be easily conducted with cash;
  2. When transactions are made via bank transfer, and there are limitations set by ordinary cards present obstacles that cannot be bypassed. Consequently, exceeding these limits can result in delays and inconvenience;
  3. Sellers encounter similar challenges, such as auction houses like Sotheby’s imposing payment limits on bank card transactions. While AmEx Centurion cardholders have legal means to surpass these limits through advanced card registration and verification, ordinary cardholders face technical hurdles that are often inconvenient;
  4. Unofficial data from major auctions reveals that bank card payments, typically made with an American Express Centurion (Black) card or similar high-tier cards, are preferred by customers over bank transfers.

Support Provided by the Bank

Financial institutions offering premium credit cards are selective in their clientele, making it challenging to open a bank account in 2024. However, for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs), a distinct approach is evident, granting access to exclusive benefits and privileges at no additional cost, unlike other customers who may find them unavailable or unnecessary.

Customer Benefits

AmEx Centurion cardholders, accomplished individuals not seeking validation, enjoy an extensive incentive program tailored by American Express. Features include earning 1 Membership Rewards point per US dollar spent, prestigious hotel and airline loyalty statuses, top-tier car rental benefits, Equinox gym membership, and 24/7 concierge service. American Express staff prioritize customer requests, with refusals rare and typically due to technical limitations. Unique experiences like presidential inauguration invitations or dinners with influential figures have been successfully arranged upon customer request, showcasing the breadth of service provided. 

What American Express Provides

While it’s not customary to speculate on others’ incomes, understanding a serious financial company’s motivations is intriguing. American Express primarily profits from affluent clientele, as substantiated by official data. Although the initial USD 7,500 opening fee and USD 2,500 annual maintenance cost may deter the average consumer, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) find these rates reasonable. Consequently, elite products like the AmEx Centurion card bolster the company’s prestige in the global financial sphere, outweighing mere financial gains or performance metrics. Thus, American Express prioritizes customer satisfaction for AmEx Centurion cardholders, a strategy that aligns with its broader objectives

Starting a Personal Bank Account in Switzerland

Citizens from the USA, EU countries, and select Asian jurisdictions generally encounter minimal obstacles when opening an account. However, given the banking sector’s adherence to transparency and deoffshorization laws over the past decade, unexpected hurdles may arise. Hence, we strongly advise seeking expert assistance for optimal results.

Basic requirements/conditions: 

  • Age: From the age of 18 
  • Nationality: Some Swiss banks are reluctant to engage with residents from countries subject to international sanctions or included on blacklists 
  • Clean criminal record

Basic package of documents: 

  • Valid identification (passport or international ID) 
  • Proof of income validated by official documents 
  • Documented proof of permanent residential address

Factors to consider when opening a personal account (not only with American Express but any Swiss bank/neobank/payment system): 

  • Ability for incoming/outgoing transfers to specific countries 
  • Availability of a debit card 
  • Online banking services 
  • Credit limits 
  • Standard bank rates and charges 
  • Additional services offered 
  • Minimum balance requirements

Types of Swiss banks catering to foreigners: 

  • Cantonal banks: State-owned, with options for non-residents but not without challenges 
  • Retail banks: Favorable choice for foreigners 
  • International banks: Geared towards non-residents, with English-speaking staff and global branches 
  • Investment banks: Ideal for asset diversification/protection, primarily serving wealthy customers and HNWIs

Recommended Swiss banks for non-residents: 

  • PostFinance 
  • Migros Bank 
  • UBS Group 
  • Valiant

Swiss Banks and Customer Confidentiality

Prospective customers often inquire about anonymity when opening an account with a Swiss bank. Can one maintain privacy while obtaining an American Express Centurion card? In 2024, guaranteed confidentiality is unrealistic as transparency is fundamental to bank operations.

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However, Swiss banks do not publicize personal financial information unless legally obligated. The exception applies to US citizens/tax residents due to FATCA regulations mandating financial data transfer to the IRS. Therefore, US citizens should carefully consider all factors before selecting a Swiss bank, as it may not universally suit their needs.

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