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What Is The Most Popular Size For A Two Garage Door?

Homes that have more than one vehicle to park in the garage need to have a bigger size garage door that can accommodate two garages at a time. If you are among the ones who have multiple cars, you might have to think about a double garage door.Selecting the right double garage door is a crucial decision that can become a prized possession for you if you have done the right research on the size of the door you select. 

When you have two vehicles, it means you have double the trouble in the sense of storing the spare items from your vehicles and the tools required for each. Walking through this guide, you will learn how the double garage door dimensions work. It will ensure that your two-car storage remains a sanctuary for you and become functional.

Two and You: Choosing the Perfect Double Garage Door Size

When it is two and left only to you, then you have to make the right decision. 

The Reigning Champion: The 16′ x 7′ Standard Double Door

The most popular size for a two-garage door is a classic 16 feet wide with a height of 7 feet. These beautiful dimensions happen to have the capacity to comfortably accommodate your two standard-sized vehicles. When you are looking for a 16×7 garage door, you must know that this size is suitable for an average sedan or compact SUV. Let’s have a look at the reasons why this size has supreme power over the other sizes for a double-door garage.

Universal Compatibility.

The 16-foot width caters to most car sizes on the road today. If you have a hatchback and a medium sedan, you can easily park these two vehicles. It will not make any single car get a squeezing or some left/right maneuvering to park.

Cost-Effective Choice.

Standard-sized doors are readily available from numerous manufacturers. This size is the most commonly found double garage door size. So you can find many options in the market for this size of the door. The sizes are readily available, and many professionals are quick to install double garage doors of the 16×7 size easily. It leaves you with wider installation options.

Installation Simplicity.

Since the door has such a common dimension, it is easier to get the technicians who know the details of easy installation. So you are all sorted to finding a qualified technician to install your 16′ x 7′ door.

Considering Going Bigger? Exploring Oversized Double Garage Doors

We very well know that the 16′ x 7′ reigns supreme; some situations call for a more expansive entrance. Here is when you can think about having an oversized double garage door.

The Age of the SUV.

 The American love affair with SUVs and trucks is undeniable. These larger vehicles can easily push the limits of a standard-sized door. If you have to consider a large size for your double garage, it is likely to have an 8 or even 9-foot height. Such change provides additional clearance for taller vehicles.

Workshop Wonders.

 Do you dream of transforming your garage into a haven for creativity? Extra space is key for storing tools or machinery. You can even store your bulky building materials. An oversized door guarantees easier access for bringing in large workbenches or equipment.

Storage Solutions.

 If your garage doubles as a storage unit, it will give you the peace of mind of having extra storage options. An oversized garage door allows for taller shelving units or accommodating bulky items like bicycles or lawnmowers.

Here are some popular oversized double garage door dimensions that you may think about.18′ x 7′. This option provides an additional 2 feet of width. It is ideal if you have wider trucks or SUVs.

18′ x 8′. Now, this size offers both extra width and height. It is actually perfect for those with a collection of larger vehicles. It will also work for those who have a storage-heavy garage setup.

20′ x 8′. For maximum flexibility, a 20-foot width caters to even the most expansive vehicles. This is the garage where you can easily have your gym set up in a corner because of its storage flexibility.

Want to Ditch The 16×7 Garage Standard: Time To  Customize Your Double Garage Door

While standard and oversized options cover most needs, some homeowners crave a truly unique garage setup. Here’s where custom double garage doors enter the scene.

Height Matters.

Do you have a lifted truck or a classic car that requires extra clearance? Custom doors can be built to your desired height to ensure the vehicles are perfectly fit.

Architectural Harmony.

Perhaps your dream garage boasts a unique architectural style. Custom doors can be crafted to complement your home’s aesthetics. You can have the functionality blended right with the form of your garage.

Material Marvels.

When we want to buy a garage door, the most typical garage doors are either steel or wood. You can have the materials of your choice as well, with fiberglass getting the most votes. You can even have a composite garage door that can offer customization to the whole feel of the garage door.

Remember, customization comes at a premium. Be sure that you weigh the benefits against the cost before you think of buying a new double garage customized door.

Key Considerations Before You Buy

Before finalizing your double garage door size, here are some essential factors to think about.

Measure Twice, Buy Once.

This adage holds true for garage doors as well. Carefully measure the width and height of the opening of your garage. It will ensure that the garage door you have chosen fits perfectly. Don’t forget to leave space so the opener mechanism can work really well.

Headroom Hero.

 Don’t neglect the space above the garage door opening. If you do not have sufficient headroom, the door opener cannot function properly. You can consult your garage door specialist to ensure compatibility.

Local Building Codes.

 Some municipalities have building codes regulating garage door size. A quick check with your local building department can save you from any installation roadblocks.


When you have to make a decision to select the right two garage doors for your vehicles, you have to make careful calculations. It is not like the same popular 16×7 garage door size that can serve you for double vehicles. You have to look for your vehicles and the sizes they have so you can make the right decision. Always keep in mind the intended usage of the garage along with the budget you have for your garage and the garage door.

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