Parental Guide; How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Technology has become an indispensable thing in our lives. And when we talk about this, we don’t just refer to it as adults, it is of paramount importance for them, but now even the kids can’t back off from it. They need it for research purposes, to do their assignments, to play games, and even to consume entertainment and interact with friends. 

One day our little cousin just came to me and inquired me with her all so pure face about an adult thing that left me jaw-dropped. The question came all of a sudden and quizzed me, as I itched more and dug into the source, I came to know that she got this notion from the app that she and her friend used for homework. 

It is not unconventional, as the internet is brimming with this sort of content. And there is no absolute way to escape from it. Neither is the solution to cut off our children from these tech-savvy things because depriving them of this stuff will only contribute to making them stay behind in the future. 

So, what to do? The perils for the kids are present at every step, be it cyberbullying, forgery, or exposure to things that they should not see. There is a solution to every problem, even this issue could be tackled, with parents who are willing to go the extra mile to keep their kids secure from these threats.  

Therefore, no matter what they do, we can play our part and ensure them a clean and sorted experience. Contemplating how to do that? No worries, these are the ways via which you can potentially reduce all the cyber threats imposed on your munchkins. 

Setting Up Child Accounts 

First of all, make sure that all the Microsoft and Google accounts that your child uses should be made as a kid account. When setting up these accounts, put the right date of birth, so that all the future results and information displayed would be age-appropriate and suitable for your kids. 

Secondly, we all have streaming platforms fetched on our mobile screens, some forums are geo-blocked and we wonder if YouTube TV UK or available at this place or that, ending up getting odd gizmos to make it functional. 

These accounts also have mature content, which is not suitable for your kids, therefore, log them into their kid’s accounts and make sure you keep your profiles locked.  This way you will be contented that your kid is consuming healthy entertainment. 

Parental Control Apps 

There are apps and stuff that leverage parents, so they can effortlessly keep a watchful eye on all the activities their kids are performing online. There are miscrosoft and Google family accounts that lets the parents take control of it. 

By tracking their online experience and making sure that they are indulging in healthy and productive activities. 

Apps Installation Permission 

Now parents have tons of parental control apps that give them the authority to put a restriction on the installation of certain apps on their kid’s mobile phones. The function of these apps is to ask the parents to let their kid download a particular app, if the parents approved of it, the app would get downloaded. 

And if they decline the request, then the app will be blocked instantly. 

Set Screen Time Limit 

Another way to reduce the risks of your kids indulging in the trap of excessive screen time is to co-communicate and set clear boundaries for the usage of these devices. Set a timetable, which includes timings for meal time, school homework, and screen time. 

Make sure that your kids abide by the timelines that you have allotted them. Also, it could be a nuisance to daily remind them, therefore, you can install an alarm on their devices that will automatically alert them that their screen time is up. 

Have Open Discussions 

To ensure you have a keen eye on the activities of your kids, you can set up and set up all the accounts and privacy from your side. But in this chaotic situation, we may overlook the need to get connected with our kids and take them in confidence. 

And encourage them to share their experience with you. Talk about social media, its uses, and how it made them feel. Ensure them that they can always come to you regarding their queries and incidents and you’d be all ears to that. 

When we talk and openly discuss stuff, then we can not only foster a good relationship with them but also can efficiently guard them on their way. 

Wrapping Up 

As parents, it is your responsibility to provide your kids with a healthy online environment and ensure that they use it for all the right reasons. Simply employ all these tips and see how efficiently you can deal with the situation.

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