Is Google Maps a Privacy Nightmare? Unpacking the Truth Behind the Wall

Data privacy has become a critical concern in this fast-moving world, and Google has been the biggest culprit in this regard, do you know why? Google is known as the most used public search engine that offers you thousands of relevant search results without charging a single money. But if something is free, then definitely you are the price. Most of the free services steal your sensitive information and even sell it to third-party apps, helping them create targeted ads. 

If using these apps has become necessary, taking preventive measures has become essential. One of the greatest methods to guard your privacy is to get a trusty VPN, as it protects your data security. However, it is vital to pick a VPN that supports numerous devices like Smartphones, iPhones, Apple TVs, MacOs, and others. For instance, if you are an Apple user, you should get a VPN for iPhone to enhance its security while using unsecured apps. 

But did you know that Google Maps was caught red-handed for storing users’ personal data? Google Maps provides you with the best routes if you want to go anywhere, but it questions users’ privacy by handling their personal details.  

However, it is alarming for privacy-conscious people if any app collects and stores their personal data for their own benefit. Therefore, if you are concerned about your personal information security, you must find a Google Maps alternative to ensure your privacy. To ease your search process, we have created a list of the best Google Maps alternatives that you find better than Google Maps. 

What Information Does Google Maps Collect About You? 

Google Maps is free and convenient, but if something is free, you are the price. This is why there are better choices than Google Maps for your data security. Do you know what information Google collects about you? Here are the details of the information that Google Maps collects without even informing you. 

  • Personal information, including anime, phone number,  gender, and date of birth. 
  • Your Email Address 
  • Your Location 
  • Websites you visit 
  • Your search history 
  • Device information 
  • Your IP address and cookies 
  • The words you are saying.

Google Maps collects and stores the above information about you for many purposes. Before moving towards the alternatives, it is essential to have enough knowledge as to why searching for Google Maps alternatives is excellent for your digital security. 

Why Google Maps Collects Personal Information? 

Google Maps knows so much about you; they do this for several purposes. Most people have privacy concerns with Google as it stores all our browsing history to understand user behavior. The reason behind this tracking is to offer personalized results and targeted ads to improve your experience with their personalized services. 

However, using users for advertising purposes without their consent is total exploitation. Google gathers all the necessary information it needs and further utilizes this information to help gazillions of advertisers make targeted ads by collecting your personal information. If you’re concerned about the safety and privacy of your data, utilizing a trustworthy VPN is the solution, as it offers strong encryption protocols to safeguard your information from tracking and unauthorized access.

Moreover, personal details and financial information are potentially stored and collected every time you search for something on Google Maps. If you are curious about sensitive data being stored and used, look for the Google Maps alternative to ensure your data privacy. There is no better option than choosing any other alternative. 

Best Google Maps Alternatives 

As Google Maps is challenging to your data security, here are various alternatives with more advanced features and robust privacy. Based on our own research, we have shortlisted some of the best options to help you make an informed choice. 

  1. Apple Maps 

Apple Maps is among the best alternatives because of its top-notch user privacy features. It is a web mapping service by Apple Inc. It offers you directions and an estimated time for driving, cycling, walking, and even routes of different public transport to help its users.  Apple Maps provides four available layers: regular map, satellite view, hybrid views, and public transit view. 

  1. MapQuest

Map-Quest is a map service that has been operating since the 90s, and it’s just like an old-age map service like Google. It is a multilingual mapping service and the best option to find public transport. Additionally, it provides you with a unique option to reserve a can directly from the app. 

  1. Waze

Waze is another popular mapping service offering impressive features and gives tough competition to Google Maps with its unique features. It provides similar features to other mapping services, including real-time traffic information, route sharing, and carpooling. However, it gives the best directions and relies on crowdsourcing to warn you about traffic, police, and other hazards. 
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Wrapping Up 

Google Maps can be daunting to your data security, but you can secure yourself by using a reliable VPN go for any of the Google Maps alternatives. Read the above guide carefully to protect yourself from any of the privacy related concerns.

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